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The Joanna Briggs Institute All-of-Country Membership - Wales

Joanna Briggs Institute All-of-Country membership
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The Joanna Briggs Institute is an International not-for-profit Research and Development Organisation specialising in Evidence-Based resources for healthcare professionals in nursing, midwifery, medicine, and allied health. With over 54 Centres and groups, servicing individuals and groups in over 90 countries, The Joanna Briggs Institute is a recognised global leader in Evidence-Based Healthcare.

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Imagine if the whole population of your state or country (that is, every health professional, manager, academic, student AND every patient or consumer of health services) had access to the best available research based information to inform his or her decisions and effective tools to monitor and evaluate health practices.

Imagine if there was a national licence in your State or Country to access such a collection of information and tools developed by an in international, independent, not-for-profit research and development organisation.

EVERYONE has a right to the BEST information.

As an Associate of the Joanna Briggs Institute, whole States and Countries can take advantage of the great resources we provide, but many still can’t.  All-of-country association to the Joanna Briggs Institute, paid for by Government, ensures that everyone in your country would have access to the best available information.

Over half the world’s population already has access to the Cochrane library.  To date only 17 whole countries have access to JBI (although individual health services are associated with JBI in 92 countries).  Make your voice heard on this important matter and sign online to show your support for your Government to fund your country as an associate of the Joanna Briggs Institute.

Why national membership?
If you are a health professional or a consumer searching for information to make decisions about the health care you provide or receive you want to know it is the best information possible.  Today, the information explosion means that there is an abundance of information available to us from a range of resources, but how do we know that the information is reliable and of the highest quality?  A national, government funded membership to the Joanna Briggs Institute would mean that every man, woman and child in your country would have free access to the best information on a broad range of health topics.

What are other countries are involved?
Currently, only 17 countries in the world have a national license to access information produced by the Joanna Briggs Institute.  This is only a fraction of the world’s population.  The governments in these countries have committed to provide their citizens with access to the best information.  Australia, Scotland, Spain and Hong Kong are among those to have already signed up.  There are also a range of generous sponsors who have enabled those in developing countries to also access this information free of charge.

How much would it cost?
For a cost of only 1 cent (AUD) per person per year your government could ensure that you have access to the best available information to make decisions.

For more information about the Joanna Briggs Institute and All-of-Country membership please visit www.joannabriggs.edu.au or contact us by phone (+61 8 8303 4880), fax (+61 8 8303 4881) or email (jbi@adelaide.edu.au) and we will be happy to assist you.

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